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Smolenskenergo: we are for safe childhood!


In the name of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division director a letter of thanks was received from the staff of school # 30 in Smolensk for a series of lessons on electrical safety for the 7-8 grades of the general education institution.

The branch has been already conducting systematic work to prevent children’s injuries at power grid facilities for several years. Classes, which are conducted by specialists of Smolenskenergo in schools of the region, are really an effective way of learning the basics of electrical safety in schools.

Power engineers are trying in an accessible and informative form to tell what schoolchildren should know about electric current and answer many questions of the young audience. Invariably, the most striking and memorable moment of the lesson is to work with a dummy called Gosha. Just with its help, specialists of the branch demonstrate the rules of intensive care for a victim with electric shock and give children the opportunity to work out methods of chest compressions, ventilation, chest thrust, etc.

With passion and interest children individually or in groups "revive" the dummy, which itself is able to "tell" the correctness of the actions of its rescuers - the body of Gosha has many sensors that simulate such reaction, as the appearance of the pulse at the carotid artery, signaling about broken ribs, indicating the reaction of the pupils to light. And though the young rescuers cannot always put the victim "back to life", they have the opportunity to practically apply their skills in the classroom and remember what serious consequences may result from improper handling electric current.

The important point of lessons is also talking with schoolchildren about the proper use of household electrical appliances, which are plentiful in modern life, as well as warning signs around their yard and near the school. And, of course, power engineers do not come to school without gifts - their disciples are given out timetables with verses on electrical safety and colouring books, which clearly teach children the electrical safety rules. For teachers the branch prepares a package of materials for self-learned future classes on electrical safety with posters and leaflets to help teachers make their conversation about electricity interesting, informative and colourful.

"I express my sincere gratitude to you for the great attention that your Company pays to the prevention of injuries to third-parties at electric grid facilities. The practical value of the lessons, organized by the staff of Smolenskenergo, is in that they teach children to realize the effects of electric shock and faster to absorb the electrical safety rules. I hope for further fruitful cooperation", - mentioned the letter on behalf of the school director Galina Kazakova. She also wished Smolenskenergo prosperity and success in the work and its employees good health, happiness, economic stability and self-confidence.

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