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Lipetskenergo sets new boundaries of exclusion zones


Ensuring smooth and secure power supply to consumers of the Lipetsk region is the main task of IDGC of Centre – Lipetskenergo division. An important component of the implementation of this task is the work to establish the boundaries of exclusion zones of electric grid facilities and maintaining in them the established restrictions for activities of economic entities. Establishing the boundaries of exclusion zones is organized and performed within the framework of the branch’s Program to register the legal rights of ownership to immovable property, registration/re-registration of the rights of land use for the period 2012 - 2014, taking into account the performance of work on preparation of information about the boundaries of exclusion zones of electric grid facilities.

The aim of the Program is organizing land use by the due date in accordance with the Federal Law "On introduction of the Land Code of the Russian Federation" dated 25.10.2001 # 137-FZ, as well as the registration of the borders of exclusion zones in order to enter information about them in the state cadastre of real estate in accordance with RF Government Resolution dated 24.02.2009 # 160 "On the procedure of establishing exclusion zones of electric grid facilities and special conditions of land use located within the boundaries of such zones".

The undoubted importance of the activities on the registration of land use, setting or expanding the size of the regulatory boundaries of exclusion zones along conductors, was clearly confirmed by the 2010-2011 winter with its anomalous "icy rains". The main reason for outages in the supply of electrical energy, as the analysis showed, was the fall of the trees onto the wires under the weight of the frozen ice on them. The ROW expansion is directly related to the entry of information about the boundaries of exclusion zones in the state cadastre of real estate. In order to prevent the threat of the 2010-2011 winter repeating the activities are being performed on land management of boundaries of exclusion zones.

In accordance with the set priorities as a result of the purposeful work of the specialists in 2011 the activities were performed on registration of land relations under all 6439 zones of the branch, and also the worked was made to register the boundaries of exclusion zones under 35-110 kV overhead lines with a total length of 3,600 km.

For 2012 the branch has planned to register land use and boundaries of exclusion zones under 10 kV conductors with a total length of 5092 km. The ultimate goal of this activity is arrangement of land relations on the basis of registration of title documents and, consequently, increasing the operational safety of power facilities, prevention of possible disturbances and further improvement of the reliability of electricity supply to consumers.

The results of the 2010-2011 winter showed the importance of closer cooperation of grid companies with forest management authorities. The outcome of the working group of the Federal Forestry Agency, IDGC Holding and FGC UES was Order from the Federal Forest Service of 10.06.2011 # 223 "On approval of rules for the use of forests for construction, reconstruction, operation of line facilities", which greatly simplifies the activities of grid companies to clear and expand ROWs in order to operate overhead lines on forest land.

"Registering the boundaries of exclusion zones of overhead lines in accordance with Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation # 160 of 24.02.2009 and entering them into the cadastre simplifies the process of obtaining permits and approvals for felling trees for ROW expansion along power lines", - stressed Deputy Director for Technical Issues, Alexander Kornilov.

In 2011, specialists of Lipetskenergo performed the work on clearing and expanding ROWs up to their standard established size in an area of 368 hectares. This year the volume of this work will be 231 hectares.

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