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The Veteran's Board of Tambovenergo took part in the anniversary plenary session


Chairman of the Veteran’s Board of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division Anatoly Istomin took part in the anniversary plenary session of the regional public organization of veterans, retirees and veterans of war, labor, the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies. A specialized exhibition was set in the administration of the Tambov region, at which the branch presented its information stand with milestones reflecting the work of the veterans’ organization of Tambovenergo.

At the anniversary plenary session Governor Oleg Betin took the floor. He not only addressed to the veterans with congratulations, noting an important role of the regional organization in public life, but also in his speech outlined the main points of the social policy aimed at supporting the elderly.

For a quarter century the regional public organization has been representing the interests of veterans, on a daily basis improves forms and methods of work of all its parts to implement statutory objectives. With no less efficiently the Veteran’s Board of Tambovenergo has been working, interacting with the regional veterans’ organizations, various administrative agencies. While in retirement, veterans of the Company regularly communicate with their native enterprise feeling their being needed.

Today, the Veteran’s Board of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division plays a key role in the social integration of employees who are retired. Active members of the organization share their experience with the youth, helping employees of Tambovenergo in solving important industrial problems. Currently the Board unites more than 500 veterans of the power industry, among them former war veterans and home front workers, veterans of labor. Its creation was intended primarily to support the retirees with the native enterprise, to which many of them devoted decades of their working life.

“An important task in the work of the Veteran’s Board is to preserve the continuity of generations, to continue the best traditions of the team of power engineers. It is important for young specialists to remember their mentors, to honour those who stood at the origins of the formation of the energy industry who made a significant contribution to the development of the enterprise”- stressed Chairman of the Veteran’s Board of IDGC of Centre -Tambovenergo division Anatoly Istomin.

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