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Employees of Smolenskenergo receive permits for the right to work with hazardous waste and perform diagnostic tests and measurements


IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division in the first quarter of 2012 spent 2.5 million rubles on the training, retraining and staff development of the branch. Power engineers were also trained for their second (collateral) blue-collar occupations, certification for servicing hazardous production facilities.

Thus, currently 37 employees of the branch (specialists of diagnostics Service, substations Service, power lines Service, crews for electrical equipment diagnostics in Districts of Electrical Networks) are completing their 36 hours of training on the curriculum at the Smolensk CJSC “Engineering and Technical Center of Technological Regulations” for the right of permission to perform diagnostic tests and measurements.

“This training is mandatory for new personnel for the purpose of permission to perform this type of work independently”, — explained Head of Human Resources Office of the branch Alla Korolkova.

51 employees out of managers and specialists of the branch are trained per the 112 hour training program at the Smolensk non-state educational establishment of additional education “Tehnokadry” for the right to work with hazardous waste. These skills are trained by specialists of logistics and procurement Office, managers and specialists of mechanization and transport Service, executives of Districts of Electrical Networks, managers and specialists of production and technical groups of Districts of Electrical Networks. Education is also compulsory in order to ensure environmental safety both at serviced facilities and for the environment.

“The performance and labour safety, responsibility for the quality of work and learning new technologies is directly dependent on the skill level of employees, development of necessary skills. Therefore, training, retraining and staff development of the branch is an important part of the personnel policy. In 2012, it is planned to spend more than 7 million rubles on these activities”, — stressed Alla Korolkova.

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