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Smolenskenergo is upgrading street lighting of settlements in the Smolensk region


IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division continues to implement its programs of service, restoration and development of street lighting networks. In 2011, the maintenance and upgrade of street lighting was performed in the amount of more than 42 million rubles. At the same time the service was performed for more than 40 thousand lighting fixtures within the 312 concluded municipal contracts to provide services for street lighting in the Smolensk region.

In 2013, the city of Smolensk will celebrate the 1150th anniversary of its foundation. In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation the long-term target program “Preparation for the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of the city of Smolensk” for 2010-2013. Special contribution to the program is made by Smolensk power engineers of IDGC of Centre.

In preparation for the anniversary of the city in 2011 a number of new lines of street lighting on Gagarin Avenue, Moscow highway, in the settlement of Anastasino was constructed. The street lighting was upgraded on Frunze Str., Rylenkov Str. and Gagarin Avenue.

Reconstruction of street lighting is under way in settlements of the region. For example, for the 50th anniversary of spaceflight of Y.A. Gagarin several lines of street lighting were upgraded in the home city of the first cosmonaut Gagarin with the replacement of more than 500 lighting fixtures. In the town of Vyazma and village of Tumanovo street lighting networks were reconstructed and 90 and 111 fixtures were installed respectively.

“The most important task now is energy efficiency. Reducing energy consumption will save not only a significant share of the budget, but also the environment. At the same time the work is done by switching to sodium lamps, implementation of night mode operation and the use of LED lighting fixtures”- said Deputy Chief Engineer — Head of distribution networks Office of the branch Vitaly Mordykin.

Totally in 2011 1320 lighting fixtures with sodium lamps were installed. In Smolensk on Smolyaninov street, Marshal Konev Avenue the night mode operation for energy saving was implemented with energy saving of about 20%.

The best result energy saving was achieved with the use of LED lamps. In Smolensk, on October Revolution street 11 such devices were installed, in Gagarin — 16 pieces. The level of energy consumption when using these lamps is reduced by more than three times.

In 2012, a targeted replacement of obsolete lighting fixtures with mercury vapor lamps to more energy efficient has been planned. In addition, the modernization of street lighting lines will continue in the reconstruction of streets to the 1150th anniversary of Smolensk (Big Sovetskaya, Kirov, Krupskaya, etc.) and construction of new street lighting lines.

There are plans to connect 63 facilities of architectural illumination of buildings and monuments and the implementation of LED lighting fixtures.

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