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Yarenergo is modernizing its electricity metering system


Since the beginning of 2011 within the framework of future development of metering systems IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division has installed more than 7000 smart meters.

This program is aimed at modernizing the existing fleet of meters and is being implemented by Yaroslavl power engineers of IDGC of Centre as part of the federal legislation execution. The devices being installed are not only of high accuracy class, but also allow you to control the quality of electrical energy. Among the additional benefits of the new meter is the capability for multi-tariff metering. At a certain load curve it will allow customers to significantly reduce their electricity bills. All installed devices are part of a unified metering system and remotely transmit information about measured parameters to the data center of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division.

To date, smart meters have been installed in Yaroslavsky, Nekrasovsky, Danilovsky, Tutaevsky, Uglichsky, Pereslavsky, Breitovsky and Borisoglebsky districts of the region. The main criterion for selecting sites for the meter installation is the value of non-technical losses of electricity on the 10 kV feeders. Following the results of 2011 the economic effect of upgrading the metering system and reducing the electricity losses amounted to more than 3 million kilowatt-hours.

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