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Tver power engineers of IDGC of Centre are ready for the flood period


IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division during the spring flood is checking the readiness of its personnel and equipment to ensure smooth and reliable operation of power grid facilities.

Specialists of the branch are checking the condition of emergency oil discharge tanks, drainage and stormwater devices at substations (SS) of 35 kV and above, are cleaning traps from debris and snow in the premises of Districts of Electrical Networks (DEN), are inspecting all electrical installations located in the zone of probable flooding. Emergency crews are on alert, as well as operators on duty at power facilities with a high flooding probability.

Tverenergo has ensured interaction and operational communications with the regional and city flood control commissions, government agency “Tver Regional Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring”.

Head of Centre for Production Assets Management of the branch Danil Kuznetsov stressed: “According to the Tver Regional Center for Hydrometeorology, the main basins are expected to debacle in our region between 1 and 23 April. The interval of expected values of water levels this year to be within normal limits, except for the western part of the Tver region. The Western Dvina, Orsha, Mologa rivers possess some possible risk of a slight excess of water. To date, the branch has defined mobile crews, work equipment for the spring flood. This gives us good reasons to hope for the successful operation during the flood period”.

After the end of the flood Tver power engineers will organize an inspection of all structures, buildings, equipment exposed to melt water, if necessary, will perform repair work.

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