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Power engineers are ready to floods in the Yaroslavl region


IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division developed a range of measures to prepare for the operation during spring floods. The control of electricity supply facilities in the area of flooding has been enhanced, an emergency reserve of materials and equipment has been made, and operational communications with the Russian Emergencies Ministry departments, administrations, municipalities and hydro-meteorological services have been set.

Before the beginning of spring floods the branch has made a list of electric grid facilities that are in the area of possible flooding. They will be given a special control by power engineers. In addition, the executive body has established a flood committee, and an action plan aimed at completing the period of spring floods has been developed and is being implemented.

Drainage networks and devices to pass flood waters from the premises of substations and sites of Districts of Electric Networks have been tested, and the availability of pumps and special equipment has been checked. Equipment in flooding areas is protected from flooding. Enhanced control is set over the facilities that fall into a particular area of risk. At the 110 kV Conductor — 110 kV Conductor “Scherbakovskaya — 1.2” transducers across the Sheksna and Volga rivers and the 110 kV Conductor “Tveritskaya — 1.2” across the Volga river the degree of destruction of the bank is periodically measured. Regular checkups of pole foundations of the 110 kV Conductor “Altynovskaya-1, 2” transducers across the Volga river are also performed.

Yaroslavl power engineers provided the full level of emergency reserve, checked the availability of special equipment. Operators have received necessary instructions on the work at facilities in the area of possible flooding, necessary trainings are being performed to simulate the branch staff in emergency situations during the flood.

In order to prevent and immediately eliminate potential major technological failures during the period of flooding Yarenergo specialists will perform daily monitoring of the flood situation. They will monitor water levels in rivers and groundwater levels, check the state of the foundation of buildings in the thawing soil, and perform regular inspections of transformer substations, supply centers and 35-110 kV transmission lines.

“Traditionally, spring flooding in the region passes without major issues. However, we are ready for any emergency situations at power facilities”, — stressed Head of Operation Analysis and Management of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division Alexander Khlapov.

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