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Bryanskenergo focuses on the professional growth of its employees


An integral part of the implementation of the personnel policy of IDGC of Centre in the Bryansk branch of the Company is the work to improve the skills of staff. During 2011 the branch had 2044 people trained. Of these, 266 improved their skills, 448 learned their second occupation, 544 participated in visiting training seminars and workshops.

17 employees had their vocational retraining. In the Smolensk branch of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (SMEI), with which Bryanskenergo in 2008 concluded an agreement on cooperation 27 people raised their qualification in the past year, 16 employees of the branch had their professional retraining. In cooperation with SMEI is the working on obtaining higher education, vocational retraining for individuals with non-core education to be trained as “electrical engineer”, as well as advanced training on leave from work that is necessary for the production areas.

In order to develop leadership and managerial skills young managers of Districts of Electric Networks and managers of production services of the branch in December last year had their training. The program of the event included panel discussions, brainstorming, team and individual exercises, as well as other educational activities.

On the site of their own classroom of Bryanskenergo, which was upgraded and moved to the new site in the past year, 237 employees increased their qualification: of 134 workers, 10 DEN operators, 78 managers and specialists, 15 commissioners on health and safety. The remaining employees were trained at their workplaces. Employees of the branch had their training within the program on labor protection, including provision of first aid and were also trained in preparation for a new position.

According to Head of Human Resources Office of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division Natalya Galanova, last year the branch implemented a package of measures aimed at the effective development and training of the branch’s employees, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the quality of the production process . The branch plans to continue raising the professional level of its staff.

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