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In 2011 Belgorodenergo concluded more than 15,000 contracts for technological connection


Last year within the framework of the program of technological connection to electric networks, IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division constructed 581 km of networks and put into operation 118.5 MVA capacity.

The number of executed contracts for technological connection with physical persons increased by 49%. All in all, the branch signed 15,413 contracts with total capacity of 334.14 MW, implemented 14,606 contracts of the total capacity of 251.8 MW.

Most of the contracts for technological connection (13,403 ones of the total capacity of 145.9 MW) are signed with physical persons up to 15 kW. Specialists implemented 12 941 of them with the total capacity of 140 MW. The branch signed 2010 contracts with the total capacity of 188.3 MW with the legal and physical persons (15 kW capacity), 1665 contracts are fulfilled.

Such large agriculture facilities were connected to the grid as, for example, two sow farms “Zhuravsky” of 0.63 MW each, three sites of CJSC “Veydelevsky Broiler” of 0.49 MW, “Green Valley” dairy company with the capacity of 709 kW, the Prokhorov feed plant (6.3 MW), “Kalinowsky” pig farm (740 kW), Yakovlevsky and Prokhorovsky pig complexes “Kazatsky” each of 590 kW, as well as four sites of CJSC “Capital-Agro” livestock complex.

In addition, power engineers provided electricity to such social facilities as the high school in Golovino village of the Belgorod region, the aristocratic manor of the Mukhanovs (the “Russian Village” museum). Specialists supplied power to the reconstructed grids of the outdoor lighting of the Korocha — Gubkin — Gorshechnoye road (519 kW), the Voloknovsky central regional hospital (482 kW), the provision unit of the Belgorod oncology center (716 kW) and others. The water supply facilities for the residential district “Zarechye” in Streletsky rural settlement of Belgorodsky district and “Titanik” in Maysky settlement were also connected to the electric grid.

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