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Council of Veterans of Yarenergo summarized its work in 2011


A reporting and election conference of the Council of Veterans took place in IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division, which elected the new member of the Council and summarized the work of the veterans’ organization for 2011.

The event was attended by more than a hundred people. In addition to the Council members the conference was attended by Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division director Igor Solonikov, Head of the trade union organization of Yarenergo Anton Sukharev and Head of Human Resources Office Marina Sermanova. By means of an intercom chiefs of Districts of Electrical Networks (DENs) and non-working pensioners, who are in the DENs, were involved.

Chairman of the Council of Veterans of Yarenergo Vladimir Grachev presented a report on the work of the veterans’ organization in the past year. In its report he, in particular, described the results of the second stage of the campaign “Relay of the Banner of Victory”, which took place in the branch with the active support of veterans of the power industry. A replica of the flag, which symbolizes the heroism of the Russian people against the fascist invaders, visited each DEN. For this event in the districts the celebrations were organized with the participation of veterans of hostilities and Heads of local administrations. The next stage of the action will take place in May-June 2012. Specially made replicas of the Banner of Victory will be transferred to permanent storage to all Districts of Electric Networks of the branch.

One of the directions of the Council of Veterans of Yarenergo is organization of meetings of former Yaroslavl power engineers, conducting joint travelling events. So in 2011 a trip to Kostromaenergo was arranged, including visits to the Museum of Energy and the city’s sightseeing. Also, veterans of Yarenergo had their excursions to the city of Myshkin of the Yaroslavl region, where they visited the local museum and a memorial of military glory. On the eve of the Power Engineers’ Day a visit to the substation “Poshekhonye” was organized for the members of the veterans’ organization of the branch, with which the work of some veterans of the distribution company was associated.

Many activities of the veterans’ organization are taken with the participation of the Youth Council of the branch. Their goal is to preserve and develop traditions, exchange of experience and continuity of the different generations of power engineers.

Following the results of the conference the work of the veterans’ organization in 2011 was recognized as satisfactory. In conclusion, the work plan of the Council for this year was announced. The main activities will be the participation in the third stage of the “Relay of the Banner of Victory” and the continuation of tree planting campaign “Save the energy of the forest”.

“Yaroslavl Power System is one of the most advanced and reliable in the central part of Russia. In many respects it is a merit of our veterans. We have someone to look up to. Thank you for your hard work and long live”- Igor Solonikov addressed to the veterans.

For information:

The Council of Veterans of Yarenergo includes 12 people. In total the veterans’ organization of the branch to date has 765 non-working pensioners, of whom 53 are veterans of the Great Patriotic War: combatants and home front workers.

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