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The investment program of Tverenergo is aimed at developing the electric grid of the region


The total amount of the investment program of IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division in 2011 was 1174 million rubles. Last year, a significant place was given to technical retrofitting and reconstruction of high voltage substations, because they can reduce the power shortage in some areas of the city and region. The total amount of funds to implement these activities was 378 million rubles.

Qualitative timely reconstruction and modernization of power facilities is the key to a reliable electricity supply in the region. To maintain reliable state of the electric grid, to ensure technological connection of new customers in the past year the construction and reconstruction of 0.4-10 kV power lines was performed in the amount of 354 million rubles.

Among the most important items of the investment program — the reconstruction of the substation (SS) 110/35/6 kV “Redkino”, SS 110/35/6 kV “Bezborodovo”, SS 35/10/6 kV #9, SS 35/10 kV #11.

The reconstruction of those substations was performed as part of the program to improve reliability of power supply of the State Complex “Zavidovo”. In the course of the activities 110 kV oil circuit breakers were replaced with gas-insulated ones, new 110 kV bays were installed, and the installation of a modern telemetry system for collecting and transmitting data was performed. By installing the new equipment power engineers have their capability to control substations remotely, as well as the substations reliability increased.

One of the priority areas of the investment program was ROWs clearing and expansion. In 2011 the branch spent 46 million rubles to implement these activities, which exceeds the 2010 figure by 5 times. Particular emphasis is placed on the ROWs clearing off trees and shrubs not accidentally, since the fall of trees onto electrical wiring is the most common cause of power outages, especially during natural anomalies.

In 2012 Tverenergo plans to invest in retrofitting and reconstruction of the electric grid of the branch over 1.13 billion rubles, in the construction of new power facilities — more than 360 million rubles.

The investment program of IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division focuses on the development and improvement of existing electrical equipment, construction of new power facilities, which leads to increased reliability of the electric grid of the region.

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