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Museum of Kostromaenergo has a new exhibit


Kostroma branch of IDGC of Centre received a certificate for listing the first manager of Regional Energy Office “Kostromaenergo” Alexander A. Voronov in the Book of Honour of graduates of the power engineering college after F.V. Chizhov. The certificate was handed over to Kostroma power engineers by college director Tatyana Andrianova and took a worthy place in the Museum of the Kostroma power system.

Museum of the History of Power System was established in Kostromaenergo on January 28, 2011 and represents the exposure, consisting of 18 stands, which presents the main stages of the Kostroma power system development. In addition, the museum has the awards over different years. A special place is given to the first tools of power engineers and kerosene lamps. The museum now offers tours, classes for career counseling to students, as well as meetings of veterans of the company.

The museum exposition is constantly updated with pictures of employees and veterans of Kostromaenergo, diplomas and letters of gratitude addressed to the staff of the branch. The museum has the model of the substation “Davydovskaya” presented to Kostroma power engineers by students the power engineering college. Among more than 250 museum items the new exhibit attracts attention with the special role that Alexander Voronov played in the development of the Kostroma power system.

Alexander was born on October 24, 1915. He came to the energy sector in 1936 after the graduation from the Kostroma industrial college, having started his work at the electrical shop of Yuryuzansky metal plant of the Chelyabinsk region. During the Second World War, he fought near Novorossiysk, where he received a severe wound. In 1944 he was appointed as Chief Power Engineer of a construction machinery plant after V.I. Lenin in Nikopol of the Dnepropetrovsk region. From 1947 to 1961 he worked as a technician, mechanic, foreman, chief of electrical shop, chief power engineer of the plant “Metalworkers”, “Strommashina” in Kostroma, he had his training at the All-Union Correspondence Institute for the profession of electrical engineer. The accumulated skills, experience working with people led to the appointment of A. Voronov in March 1961 as Manager of the Kostroma power system, which he made from the scratch and headed continuously for a quarter of a century. Under the leadership of Alexander such major energy facilities of Kostroma were constructed and put into operation as Kostroma GRES power plant in Volgorechensk, CHP-2 in Kostroma, Sharyinskaya CHP. In that position, the engineer developed his engineering and operation organizing talent utmost, he was awarded two Orders of Labor Red Banner, Order of the Patriotic War, many medals, and honorary title of Honoured Power Engineer of the RSFSR.

“We are proud of our graduates! — says director of the Kostroma power engineering college after F.V. Chizhov Tatyana Andrianova. — Knowing all the advanced technologies, being able to work with modern equipment, our students should not forget the history and the people who were at the beginning of the power system development. Largely thanks to Alexander A. Voronov Kostromaenergo has an energetic, creative team of real professionals, who ensured the Kostroma power system high and deserved reputation in the industry”.

In addition to Alexander A. Voronov the Book of Honour lists many college graduates, employees of Kostromaenergo. Among them, Yury P. Nazarov — former General Director of OJSC “Kostromaenergo”, Vitaly A. Smolyakov — Head of Production Department “Sharyinsky Electrical Networks”, Evgeny I. Dubov — Deputy Chief of relay protection and automation Service, and Evgeny V. Kozlov, — Deputy Chief Engineer — Head of high voltage grid Office of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division.

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