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IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division summed up the investment program for 2011


Smolenskenergo exceeded its planned investment program for 2011. The capital investments of the branch in power grid facilities of the region with the target value of 1.3 billion rubles for 2011 amounted to 1.36 billion rubles (105%).

Most of the funds — 1.09 billion — were spent by the branch on re-equipment and reconstruction of power facilities. About 269.8 million rubles were invested in the construction of new facilities, and in the purchase of fixed assets — 1.99 million rubles. The investment in an automated information-measuring system for the commercial electricity metering in 2011 amounted to 109.86 million rubles.

In its work the branch pays much attention to the coming anniversary of the hero-city of Smolensk, which will be in 2013. Under the program of preparation for celebrating the 1150th anniversary of the regional center for the reporting period the construction of the TS “FOK” cable line (CL) and the reconstruction of the 6 kV distribution point DS-20 on Chernyakhovsky street was performed, worth 24.2 million rubles. Also, the reconstruction of CL-6 kV DS-21 TS of an equestrian school in the settlement of Odintsovo, laying of a 0.4 and 6 kV cable lines and the construction of TS-6/0.4 kV on Rylenkov street was performed.

In order to improve the reliability of electricity supply 285.5 km of power lines of different voltage levels were put in operation, 15.4 km of fiber-optic communication lines were laid. The commissioned power for the current year amounted to 21.7 MVA. The volume of investments in the construction and reconstruction of power lines of 0.4-10 kV, 35 kV was 534.58 million rubles. 135.5 million rubles were spent on the construction and reconstruction of 35-110 kV substations, transformer and distribution substations in 2011.

The implementation of the investment program has ensured reliable and quality electricity supply to consumers in the region, reducing equipment wear and contributed to the optimal preparation of the electric grid to the failure-free operation during the autumn-winter peak loads.

As part of the technological connection program 285.77 million rubles were spent on the construction and reconstruction of 0.4-10 kV overhead lines, transformer substations, including for technological connection of residential customers and legal entities up to 15 kW — 217.25 million rubles.

The construction of the CL-0.4 kV, DS-12 SS “South” for technological connection of a kindergarten for 150 kids in the city of Smolensk on Gagarin street at the request of Regional State Enterprise “Capital Construction” of the Smolensk region (0.62 million) has been completed.

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