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Yarenergo increases reliability of power supply


IDGC of Centre successfully created and implemented the Targeted Program of Reliability Increase, aimed at ensuring uninterrupted power supply to consumers in 11 regions of the central part of our country. In 2011 the Yaroslavl division of the Company invested 39.1 million rubles in the implementation of this program. These funds were allocated for the reconstruction of electric grid facilities. The equipment that is responsible for optimal performance of the distribution complex in case of emergency situations was replaced by more modern and reliable one.

“The implementation of this program is being carried out in conjunction with the repair campaign. They are aimed at the maintenance of uninterrupted power supply to consumers of the Yaroslavl region. We were well prepared for the autumn-winter period, we can say that we met it fully armed”, — said Head of analysis and production management Office of IDGC of Centre —Yarenergo division Alexander Khlapov.

In order to ensure quality and reliable supply of the region, Yarenergo reconstructed substations Polygraph of 110/6 kV and Klimatino of 110/35/10 kV in terms of the replacement of isolating and short-circuiting switches for gas-insulated circuit breakers. The latter do not require maintenance, have high breaking capacity and long life of the interrupter chamber. At the Perekop substation of 110/6 kV specialists installed new vacuum circuit breakers instead of the old oil 6 kV ones. Among the main advantages there are great resources of opening and closing operations at rated current, environmental friendliness and ability to work in extreme weather conditions.
Within the framework of the special program of the increase of reliability Yaroslavl power engineers installed fiber optic arc-fault protection at 12 substations of 35-110 kV. It is used to open the electric grid equipment rapidly in case of technological failures. Thanks to the optical fiber, electric arc flash is instantly being fixed by sensors, and a signal to open the switchgear is immediately set. It allows to avoid serious damage of the equipment.
In 2012 IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division will increase the funding of the program. It will be 53.3 million rubles. Yarenergo plans to replace isolating and short-circuiting switches and oil circuit breakers by SF6 and vacuum circuit breakers at the substations Pavlovskaya of 110/35/6 kV, Rostov of 110/10 kV, Yuzhnaya of 110/6 kV, Vostochnaya of 110/35/6 kV and Konstantinovo of 110/35/6 kV. The fiber optic arc-fault protection will be installed at 16 feeding centers of 35-110 kV.

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