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Employees of Bryanskenergo teach children electrical safety


IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division pays great attention to the prevention of children’s electric injuries. As part of the Program to reduce risk of injury to third-parties at power facilities employees of the branch regularly conduct lessons in schools of the Bryansk region on electrical safety.

Another lesson for the prevention of electric injuries was at school # 4 in Bryansk. Head of occupational and environmental safety Department of the branch Valentina Anisimova told the seventh grade pupils about the rules of safe handling electrical appliances, how to behave in the vicinity of power facilities and how to exit from the zone of step voltage. The lecture material was accompanied with visual aids — teaching posters, tablets with prohibitory signs. The children were shown a cartoon on safe handling electrical appliances, were told about the rules of first aid to electric shock victims, and were demonstrated CPR on a simulator called Gosha. At the end of the session the pupils were given games, teaching the rules of behavior near power facilities, as well as coloring books.

According to Head of production control and safety Office of the branch Pavel Zlobin, the prevention of children’s electric injuries is one of the priorities of the activity of production control and safety Office of Bryanskenergo. Employees of the executive staff of the branch, heads of Districts of Electrical Networks regularly conduct classes in schools of the region on electrical safety. It is mandatory to have preventive activities with pupils in anticipation of winter and summer holidays.

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