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Smolenskenergo summed up the results of 2011 concerning implementation of the work plan on metrological provision of the operation


For the past year Smolensk power engineers of IDGC of Center performed checks of 1153 working pieces of measuring devices, 241 measuring current transformers and 235 voltage transformers installed in the systems of commercial metering of electricity, 1087 electricity meters. They also calibrated and repaired 734 working measuring instruments and devices. A functional test of 291 measuring instruments was carried out.

Specialists of the department of metrology and quality of electricity also made 323 measurements of the quality of electric power at the feeding centers and 714 measurements on the control points. For the quality measurement engineers use power supply quality analyzers such as QNA-412, Proryv-KE as well as Energotester-PKE, Energomonitor 3.3T. These devices allow to measure the key indicators of quality of electric power in accordance with the requirements of GOST and evaluate compliance with the standards.

Last year specialists of the division carried out a large-scale work on the periodic monitoring of power quality in the distribution networks of the branch. On the basis of the analysis of the collected technical documentation in all Districts of Electrical Networks, experts calculated losses of voltage and selected facilities for periodic quality control of electrical energy. As a result, it was confirmed that the quality of electricity supplied to consumers met the requirements of GOST 13109-97. This work is the key to provide consumers with reliable high quality electric energy.

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