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IDGC of Centre - Tverenergo division meets the future power engineers


An Open Doors Day for 13 fifth-year students of Ivanovo State Power University after V.I. Lenin was held in IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division, who came to pass their externship. Students will be able to prepare for their graduation project and gain practical experience in Kalininsky District of Electrical Networks, Department of relay protection and emergency control, Diagnostic Service, Power Lines Service, Substations Service of Tver production depot of Tverenergo. Each of the students gets help from the industrial practice supervisor, who provides the necessary briefings, passing conditions, monitors the implementation of the program set for the students.

As part of the Open Doors Day students were able to see the work of the branch, power equipment, as well as ask questions of experts of Tverenergo.

Power engineers talked about the structure of the branch, the major power facilities, social guarantees, and the prospects for professional growth. Head of Human Resources Office of IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division Sergey Zhirkov said: “The branch is constantly developing, new technologies are implemented and projects are developed every year. You, the young generation, have much to do in this direction. And today I am pleased to see in front of me a promising team that is ready to work for modern power engineering”.

Students visited the Grid Control Center (GCC), where they learned the organization of work of specialists and technical equipment of the GCC. Students were told about the important work of operators that manage the activity of mobile crews and monitor the situation in the region.

The most significant event for the fifth-year students was their touring the 110/35/10 kV substation “North”, which is a major source of electricity supply of Zavolzhsky district of the city of Tver.

The students’ attention was taken by two 40 MVA power transformers, which were installed within the framework of the technological connection program and increased the capacity of the substation by 40%. The host of the excursion, Head of substations operational services Group Pavel Labutin, explained the technology of their installation, developed by the engineering staff of the Substations Service and performed with the use of two cranes.

The visitors had a special interest in the 35 kV switchgear, which has modern circuit breakers of different types installed: gas-insulated dead tank and vacuum ones, and also noted the advantage of the vacuum as the arc-suppression medium.

At the control panel the students were provided for their comparison with relay protection devices based on electromechanical relays and microprocessors, the students also drew attention to digital meters of the automated electricity metering system. Commenting on the basic principles of ensuring a reliable electricity supply and equipment protection, Pavel Labutin noted the importance of innovation solutions and modernization of power facilities, which are one of the most important tasks of the branch.

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