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Specialists of Smolenskenergo summed up the clearance and expansion of ROWs in 2011


In order to improve the reliability of the power grid IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division continues to clear ROWs along overhead lines. During 2011 Smolensk power engineers cleared from trees and shrubs 1441.43 hectares of ROWs along 6-110 kV overhead lines, which is 145.74 hectares (or 11.25%) more than in the previous year. 23,78 million rubles were spent to clear the ROWs.

To manually clear the ROWs chainsaws of the Swedish firm “Husqvarna” are used: they are reliable, lighter than domestic counterparts, they are easier to use, do not require great physical exertion, can significantly increase labour productivity. Along with the ROWs clearing by hand Smolenskenergo uses mechanized (bulldozers) and mechanized with processing (mulchers) methods. These ways to work are fast and environmentally friendly.

Along with the ROWs clearing the branch is expanding ROWs along 6-110 kV overhead power lines. The estimated volume to expand in 2012 is 930.43 ha, which is 264.67 hectares (or 40%) more than in 2011.

“A greater part of the power lines in the Smolensk region passes through a wooded area. Trees and shrubs that grow in the protected zone of overhead power lines — one of the main causes of technological failures in the Smolensk power grid operation. The ROWs clearing and expansion improves the quality of power supply and is an essential condition for the preparation of trouble-free operation of the power complex of Smolenskenergo in the autumn and winter period of 2011-2012”, — stressed Head of analysis and production management department of Smolenskenergo Vitaly Golubkov.

In 2012, the planned ROWs clearing is 3339.52 ha, which is two times more than the amount in 2011. 46.64 million rubles will be spent on this work.

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