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Educating to care for life - one of the main objectives of Safety Days in Lipetskenergo


Lipetsk branch of IDGC of Centre hosted another Safety Day. It was held in all subdivisions of the branch and was aimed at improving working conditions, reduction of occupational injuries. The main component of the planned event was to check condition and provision of the personnel with protective clothing, footwear and other personal protective equipment.

«The feature of the work of power engineers and first of all of technical staff assumes the work in the conditions associated with high risks and often adverse weather conditions. Compliance with safety regulations, equipment of the staff with PPE in Lipetskenergo is given the highest priority. Thus, more than 16 million rubles were allocated for the provision of the personnel with protective clothing and footwear in the past year, and 2776 inspections of workplaces and means of protection were organized, as well as certification was made for 324 employees», — said Head of labor protection and environmental safety department of the branch Victor Kalinin.

A special place was given to the compliance with regulatory indicators of lighting at the workplace, as one of the factors affecting the health of employees and, consequently, the quality of work.

An important event of the past Safety Day was the check of the organization of training of drivers, first hired to work and workers who had a break in their activities for more than 1 year or transferred to a new type of vehicles. Probation of drivers under the supervision of driving-instructors is an obligatory condition to enhance professional skills, adaptation to work independently in a concrete work environment.

The compulsory part of the Safety Day was the check of the general fire protection and sanitation facilities and vehicles used to transport people; monitoring compliance with the work permit system and checking the implementation of measures to address the identified observations on the previous Safety Day.

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