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Specialists of Kostromaenergo cleared about 120 hectares of ROWs along overhead power lines in 2011


Clearing ROWs along overhead power lines is one of the most pressing issues in the work of Kostroma power engineers of IDGC of Center. For 2011 specialists of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division expanded 119.9 hectares of ROWs along overhead power lines, six times more than in 2010. In 2011, the work to clear up and expand ROWs was identified as a priority activity of IDGC of Centre.

To bring the parameters of ROWs along overhead power lines to the ones needed to ensure a reliable electricity supply of consumers Kostromaenergo has developed its long-term program for ROWs expansion. According to it until 2017 in the Kostroma region 2 360.8 hectares along the power lines should be extended. About 451 million rubles will be spent on it.

In 2012 Kostromaenergo plans to increase the work to expand ROWs along power lines up to 428.3 hectares. ROWs along high voltage of 35-110 kV and 10 kV overhead lines will be expanded as a priority, which feed socially important facilities in the region. It is assumed that almost all the work will be conducted with power driven forest machinery.

“More than 4000 km of overhead power lines of Kostromaenergo pass through woodland. Carrying out work to expand the ROWs, we greatly improve the reliability of power supply. Increasing the volume of expansion Kostromaenergo is moving away from manual work. Increasingly some modern high-performance equipment for clearing is used that allows to perform the planned work faster and better,”- comments Deputy Chief Engineer — Head of Production Assets Management Center of the branch Andrey Meluzov.

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