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Reducing the risk of injury at power facilities — one of the main tasks of Orelenergo


Preventing injuries to third-party at power facilities of the Company is a priority task of power engineers of IDGC of Centre, including its Orel branch.

Within the developed and approved Program to reduce the risk of injury at power facilities there was a range of activities performed in 2011. Power engineers constantly monitor the health of not only power facilities, but also doors, locks, fences, presence of LOTO, signs, and in case of violations that pose threat to security, immediately remove them. Over 100 wooden doors for the metal ones were replaced at transformer substations. In 6-10 kV switchboards of 35-110 kV substation on-alarm at the door opening of a distribution point was installed with providing a signal to the distribution point’ operators, as well as video monitoring of power facilities. All this helps prevent unauthorized access and maintain the health and lives of people.

According to the Program to reduce risks of injury at new construction and reconstruction of 6-10 kV overhead lines in densely populated areas, in the park areas power engineers use self-supporting insulated wire (SIW), which has good performance and high safety. That is why power engineers replaced uninsulated wires of overhead power lines that pass through the territories of 94 schools in the region for the SIW. In addition, power engineers decide whether the removal of transformer substations from school sites, playgrounds, areas of mass development is viable.

The branch staff constantly takes public awareness efforts among the population. It should be noted that children and teenagers get into the particular risk group who out of ignorance or out of curiosity can harm their health. For the prevention of children’s electric injuries Orelenergo in conjunction with the Office of Education of the region conducts classes on electrical safety in all 24 districts of the region’s pre-school, secondary and vocational secondary educational institutions.

Over the past year, there were not any accidents involving children and adolescents at power facilities. Implementation of the Program, which will continue in 2012, will help reduce injuries to third-party persons at power facilities of the branch.

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