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Bryanskenergo provides for the integrity and required accuracy of measurements


Specialists of metrology and quality of electric energy Department of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division has summed up the work for 10 months of 2011. For the past period 1286 measuring instruments in operation and in control rooms have been calibrated.

Calibration of measuring instruments is performed in order to ensure compliance with Federal Law # 102-FZ “On Provision of Measurement Integrity”, as well as other regulatory documents.

As part of the technical activities of metrological calibration were 862 in operation and reference standard measuring instruments, 272 electricity meters, 543 current transformers of 0,4-110 kV and 44 measuring voltage transformers of 6-110 kV.

Quality control of electricity supplied to consumers is performed in Bryanskenergo. In accordance with the standard documentation the control over the parameters of quality of electricity is performed in the networks of the division. Measurement results are documented with records of the established form. In identifying inconsistencies of the parameters with GOST Standard, corrective actions are developed and implemented (increase in wire cross-section, voltage level regulation, installation of a voltage booster, reconstruction of the network).

According to Head of metrology and quality of electric energy of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division Artem Luzik, power quality control and regular performance of work on verification and calibration has positive impact on ensuring the integrity and required accuracy of measurements, as well as the quality of electricity.

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