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Block-modular substations prove their usability


IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division for the second year installs block-modular transformer substations (BMTS) of a new type. Their use reduces the time of construction work, as well as costs to operate up to 6 times.

Block-modular substations are made using cutting-edge coating — concrete with open-space structure, in the manufacture of which sea pebbles are used. The surface is covered by special structures that penetrate the top layer of concrete and aggregates, reinforcing it. With this technology, the external surfaces of the walls are not contaminated with paints and easy to clean.

With the case power engineers could see the usability of this innovation. At one of the substations, constructed for the facility of the 1150th anniversary of Smolensk — STI clinic, vandals put inscriptions, which were removed with a sandblasting gun. In this case the appearance of the substation was the same, no change in color.

This example showed how the use of the new coating helped the power engineers reduce operating costs by reducing the funds allocated to upgrade the facades of transformer substations. Front decoration using traditional materials (plaster and paint) requires a periodic refresh, and in cases of vandalism it is often necessary to reconstruct the entire facade, which bears additional costs. But mere residents of Smolensk also have benefit from the introduction of the new technology, because thanks to the stability of the modern coating the aesthetic appearance of the city remains unchanged.

“The usability of the innovation is, first and foremost, in its durability — BMTS preserves the original appearance throughout its entire life and it is not less than 25 years. The facade remains smooth, even and does not fade, unlike plaster, its coating does not come off the wall. The undoubted advantage for the power industry is also its being vandal-proof: as we have seen, when different inscriptions applied to the coating they are easily removed, and the facade of the substation takes the original appearance,”- said Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division director Sabir Agamaliyev.

It should be noted that the new block-modular transformer substations feature modern design and attractive surface finish and harmoniously blend into the urban landscape.

This type of substations installed by Smolenskenergo at facilities, constructed for the 1150th anniversary of the regional center, has received high praise from the regional administration. This technology in Europe is recognized as the most vandal-proof and resistant to wear.

Smolenskenergo became a pilot site for the introduction of the new technology, implemented in the framework of the technical policy of IDGC of Centre. Using new, advanced materials in the work demonstrates an innovative approach of IDGC of Centre to development and modernization of the existing grid of the electric power industry.

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