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Mother of the honored power engineer of Smolenskenergo was thanked for her son’s excellent upbringing


Representatives of HR Office and Public Relations Department of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division visited Glinkovsky DEN, where the electrician of a mobile crew of the Grid Control Center Vladimir Tsykunov works. In 2011 he was awarded the honorary title «Honoured Power Engineer of the Russian Federation». Mother of the power engineer Valentina Tsykunova was handed a letter of thanks on behalf of the division’s director.

«I express my deep appreciation and gratitude for the education of your son Vladimir. You can rightly be proud of him, because he has been working in the Smolensk power industry for 22 years and is a great professional and an active innovator, highly qualified instructor and mentor to the younger generation of power engineers. Colleagues speak of him as an enterprising, creative and authoritative man. Obtaining in 2011 the honorary title „Honoured Power Engineer of the Russian Federation“ only confirms the importance of his work. His victories and accomplishments — this is also your merit, too,»- said Director of IDGC of Centre -Smolenskenergo division Sabir Agamaliyev in a letter of thanks.

The representatives of the division thanked Valentina Tsykunova for the perfect upbringing of the person, citizen and professional of his trade, wished her good health, happiness and prosperity.

The award was presented to Vladimir Tsykunov by Governor of the Smolensk region Sergey Antufiev already on June 29, 2011 in the Great Hall of the Administration of the Smolensk region. The awarding of the thank-you letter was timed to coincide with the date when Vladimir started to work at the Smolensk power system — November 1, 1989.

The event hosted a meeting of employees of Glinkovsky DEN with the honoured power engineer. Vladimir Tsykunov told the present persons about his way into the profession, shared his secrets of success and thanked his colleagues for their help and mutual aid.

The DEN staff was able to see a presentation that tells about the representatives of IDGC of Center, who received the honorary title «Honoured power engineer of Russia» in 2011, as well as the award itself.

For your information:

The honorary title «Honoured Power Engineer of the Russian Federation» is awarded to highly skilled specialists of enterprises, institutions and organizations for achievements in the development of the utilities industry, creating, designing and developing new types of power equipment and systems, in the implementation of advanced technologies in construction, installation and operation of power facilities, significantly improving ecological conditions, for achievements in scientific research, energy conservation, industrial engineering, staff training and persons who have been working in the power system for more than 15 years.

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