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Veterans of Kurskenergo discussed the effectiveness of the Council of Veterans


IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division held its regular meeting of veterans. The event was attended by the Director of the division Alexander Pilyugin, Chairman of the trade union committee, Nikolay Kalinin, chiefs of DENs, authorized to work with veterans on site.

Chairman of the Council Dmitry Bozhak spoke about the main directions of work of the Council of Veterans of Kurskenergo, numbering more than 900 people. Along with the traditional activities associated with providing assistance to veterans, the preparation and celebration of Victory Day, this year the members of the Council of Veterans of Kurskenergo took an active part in the historical-memorial campaigns “Relay Race of Victory Banner” and “Let us save energy of the forest”.

Veterans of the Kursk utilities industry together with young employees of Kurskenergo visited the State Historical and Memorial Museum “The command post of the Voronezh Front” in Pristensky district (village of Kirov), the museum “Young defenders of the Motherland” in the city of Kursk, the museum-reserve “Big Oak” in Zheleznogorsky district. More than 60 veterans attended the State Military-Historical Museum “Prokhorovka field” and more than 70 veterans — Kursk Drama Theatre named after A.C. Pushkin.

The Council of Veterans provided all possible assistance in the development of productive activities of the division. Members of the Council were actively involved in days of labor safety, sudden and scheduled inspections performed on the training seminars for electricians, operating distribution networks, electricians of mobile crews, participated in the lessons of vocational guidance.

Good results were also achieved by the Council of Veterans in the work on the consolidation of the veterans’ movement in the region. Representatives of the veterans’ organization of power engineers entered the city and regional Councils of veterans authorized to work with veterans on site, today are working closely with municipal administrations, veteran organizations of districts and cities in the region.

“Such meetings are useful for managers at all levels. We have learned how veterans live away from major centers. In Kurskenergo the veterans are treated with great respect, so we will do our best to provide due attention to everyone who once created and then perfected the Kursk power grid,”- stressed Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre -Kurskenergo division director Alexander Pilyugin.

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