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The best students of Engineering College after F.V. Chizhov taught lessons on electrical safety


Within cooperation with Engineering College after F.V. Chizhov specialists of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division developed and had a master class for senior students of college on resuscitation of a person affected by an electric shock. Students of the specialization “Electric stations, networks and systems” were already familiar with the simulator Gosha after their training course “Labour safety” and passed an exam to get their permit level on electrical safety.

“We learned the resuscitation of the electric shock victim in the third year. But mostly it was the theoretical material. At the master class in the first place I was surprised by the clear, brought to automatic actions of professionals of Kostromaenergo. They were not bringing the doll, but tried to help a person,”- says fourth-year student Alexander Maslennikov.

After the master-class professionals of Kostromaenergo offered to organize an experiment, when the best students taught a class on electrical safety to freshmen. This class was for the first time for them. After the theoretical training the freshmen actively tried to apply this knowledge in practice. “The idea of the lesson, which is conducted by the students themselves, proved its value in full. There is no such attention even with experienced teachers — said Deputy Director on training and production work of Engineering College Victor Zhurba. — I think in the future we will continue such classes”.

In addition, within the program to reduce the risk of injury to third-parties at power facilities of IDGC of Centre Kostroma power engineers are working on child injury prevention throughout the region. Districts of Electrical Networks of Kostromaenergo organize classes with students and pupils of secondary schools. Thus, employees of Ostrovsky District of Electrical Networks held for older children of Ostrovsky Orphanage a class for career guidance, at which they talked about their work, how you can become a power engineer. For younger children a lesson on electrical safety was organized.

“All classes are held according to a specially developed technique, which takes into account the age of children. Power engineers bring children colourful poster, show cartoons, make themed games — says Head of production control and labour safety Office of Kostromaenergo Vladimir Karpachev. — And this work is bearing fruit. There have not been any cases recorded of children’s injuries at power facilities of Kostromaenergo”.

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