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IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo division has executed the annual program to implement high-speed protection against arcing faults


This year IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division has completed the installation of high-speed protection from arcing faults at eighteen 35-110 kV substations, designed to protect equipment in the bays of switchgear and control gear in the event of an electrical arc. Last year similar devices were installed at ten substations. The work is conducted within the framework of the target program to improve the reliability of IDGC of Centre, designed for 5 years.

An electric arc resulting from short circuits is able to inflict considerable damage to substation equipment — it can cause switches, bays, sections, and even a power transformer to failure.

When installing protection against arcing faults by the team of protection relay of Service of Bryanskenergo a great deal of work has been done, thanks to which 28 most important substations of the division are now protected against electric arcing.

«Installation, commissioning and putting into operation of these devices has allowed us to raise the protection of bays of switchgear and control gear to a higher level from all kinds of damage. It has made it possible to reduce the damageability of power facilities and significantly increase the reliability of electricity supply», — noted Deputy Chief Engineer for operations of Bryanskenergo Sergey Polyakov.

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