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Smolenskenergo has named the best structural units in terms of fire-protection in 2011


IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division has summed up the inspection in terms of fire-protection among 26 Districts of Electrical Networks (DEN), substations Service, power lines Service, mechanization and transport Service of the branch. As a result of the inspection Velizhsky DEN has been named as a model for fire protection, where the fire safety requirements are met at the proper level. Ershichsky and Gagarinsky DENs are also among the leaders.

The main goal of the event is raising the level of fire safety at power facilities of the region, checking the readiness of electric grid facilities of Smolenskenergo to a stable and trouble-free operation in autumn-winter peak loads. The inspection is also aimed at increasing the level of training to simulate fire suppression actions, knowledge and compliance with the established standards and fire safety regulations, to acquire practical skills in fire fighting.

One of the main criteria for evaluation was the fire protection status and readiness of personnel and availability of firefighting equipment for emergencies. As part of the inspection routine checks were regarding the status of fire safety of buildings, structures and sites of DEN, availability and serviceability of the primary means of fire suppression, fire alarm and water supply.

“Compliance with fire safety regulations is the key to safe work. For 10 months 2011 the branch specialists have taken over 500 measures to improve fire safety ”, - said Acting Head of industrial control and safety Office of Smolenskenergo Vasil y Gipich.

IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division regularly conducts not only fire protection inspections of structural units to identify the best, but also the days of fire safety, as well as unplanned fire trainings on fire suppression at 35-110 kV substations together with State Office of EMERCOM of Russia. 27 such trainings have been conducted this year.

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