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IDGC of Center improves the technological connection availability


IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division held a round table with the legal entities for technological connection. The purpose of the event, held on the site of the Yeletsky Customer Service Centre (CSC), was to inform consumers about the procedure, timing and regulatory framework for technological connection.

“Technological connection is a complex of organizational and technical measures, which implementation starts with the date of application for technological connection. Efficiency of performance of all activities required to connect the power installations of customers often depends on correct making of the application for technological connection. Therefore, at this stage one should be fully informed about the process, asking for an explanation of our specialists,”- noted Head of technological connections Office of the division Edward Kachura.

The key issue of the meeting was to discuss the resolutions of the regional Office of utilities and tariffs, under which starting from November 3, 2011 the updated reduced tariff rates on certain categories of technological connection of power installations of consumers to the grid of the division are in place in the Lipetsk region. “Reducing the fee for technological connection is the result of close cooperation between the government and Lipetskenergo in the establishment of conditions for growth of electricity consumption. The standards approved by the elaborated decisions create additional opportunities to connect new customers and help increase the technological connection availability”, — said Edward Kachura.

At the conclusion of the event the specialists of technological connections Office conducted a survey of the participants on their satisfaction with the quality of services provided. According to the results of this survey decisions will be taken aimed at improving the efficiency of interaction with customers of the division.

Please, be reminded that in order to have clarifications on all issues relating to electricity, the residents of the Lipetsk region may contact the Customer Service Center in Lipetsk, Yelets and Dankov, or calling the toll free Power Hot Line at 8800 50 50 115, or using information on IDGC of Centre web site at www. in the section “Clients”.

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