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Implementation of the Investment Program of Orelenergo provides the reliability of electricity supply to consumers in the region


For 10 months the Investment Program of IDGC of Centre — Orelenergo division, approved by Head of the region and Chairman of the Government of Orel region, is being implemented following the planned values. Orelenergo will spend 252 million rubles on capital investments.

Compared to last year in the current year the scope of works on construction of the external power supply has been increased by 4 times, it is necessary to ensure the technical connection of small and medium businesses and the region’s residential customers to the grid of Orelenergo.

An important project is being implemented for technological connection of the gas turbine Livensky CHP that is under construction, including the construction of a 110 kV overhead line and reconstruction of 110/6 kV “Plastics” substation. This will remove the shortage of electric power in the south-eastern part of the region, improve the reliability of electricity supply to the Livensky industrial hub and provide technological connection of new consumers, including a cement plant under construction in the settlement of Russian Brod. At present, the design works are being completed and partially the equipment for the reconstruction of the substation has been purchased.

In order to improve the reliability of electricity supply to customers in full, the project of reconstruction of the 10 kV overhead line with the expansion of ROWs in Khotynetsky district of the region has been completed. For these purposes the division has spent 14 million rubles. In preparation for the autumn-winter period the reconstruction of OPL 0.4 kV has been completed in the village of Setenevo in Pokrovsky district, in the settlement of Selkhoztehnikumovsky of Glazunovsky district, the reconstruction of 0.4 kV overhead lines is being completed in the settlements of Zhilino and Stanovoy of the Orel region. The reconstruction of the 110 kV “Steel Horse” has been fully completed, thus improving the reliability of power generation by Orel CHP for the city of Orel.

The project to provide power supply to the meat-processing plant “Znamensky SGC” LLC in the settlement of Galaktionovsky of Kromsky district is in full implementation: the reconstruction of SS 110/35/10 kV “Kromskaya” and 35 kV substation “Kutafino” has been completed; a double circuit overhead line has been constructed from the 10 kV substation “Kutafino” to the meat processing plant. The construction of networks and the installation of a transformer substation has been completed to supply power the elevator company “Jupiter” in Bolkhovsky district.

In order to implement the regional program of low-rise housing construction, the power engineers within the Investment Program included the construction of distribution networks and electrification of villages with individual housing in the settlements of Platonovo-2, Saburovskie Settlements, Malaya Kulikovka. Also underway the construction project of a 10 kV overhead line to provide power supply of category 2 to the kindergarten in the town of Kulikovsky.

The execution of the Investment Program allowed for an increase in purchases of equipment and materials for the emergency reserve. The division purchased the diesel-generator sets and 10/0,4 kV transformers to increase the reliability of power supply to socially important facilities in case of emergency and abnormal situations during the autumn-winter peak loads in 2011-2012.

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