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Bryanskenergo had training on civil defense


During two days the Commission of the authorities of the Bryansk region and the State Russian Emergencies Ministry of the Bryansk region, headed by Vice Governor Mikhail Klimov, performed a comprehensive review of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division on the organization of civil defense and prevention and elimination of disaster situations of natural and manmade character.

The compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation and other legal acts regulating activities in the field of civil defense, disaster management (civil defense and emergencies) was verified. The availability of communications, warning and information media, preparation level for disaster management, ability of operators on duty to act in an emergency situation, as well as training arrangement and readiness of the management team of the division in terms of civil defense and emergency was assessed.

The review was completed with training, during which the focus was given to the organization of the work of the management of the division. Managers of the division at the conditional signal were supposed to gather according to the established by standards time frame and immediately set to work.

During the training the actions in case of conditionally damaged power grid facilities were worked out. The tasks assigned to the emergency crews were implemented quickly and efficiently. The Grid Control Centre worked efficiently having assessed the situation and made grounded decisions on the restoration of electricity supply to consumers.

According to the scenario the training was supervised by the control headquarters on civil defense of the division located in the office building of the division. For communications local telephones, as well as the automated notification system and e-mail were used. The training ended up with the review of the emergency team of the division.

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