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Theft of electricity is unacceptable


Power engineers of IDGC of Centre — Orelenergo division are focusing their efforts on prevention of electricity theft. Electricity theft and illegal connection to electric networks leads to a reduction in the quality of electricity supply and failure of domestic appliances.

Since the beginning 2011 the division has received 64 notifications of unauthorized customer connections to the grid. The greatest number of consumers has contacted by direct power hot line, more than 30% — anonymously. The inspections revealed 12 facts supporting the theft of electricity in distribution networks in the amount of 30.5 thousand kW. Currently, more than half of all revealed facts of theft of electricity have already been paid for by debtors.

For all violations acts of non-metered electricity consumption were drawn up amounting to more than 89 thousand rubles. The violations have been eliminated, and users of free electricity have been given notices for the installation/replacement of their metering device and the lead-in wire from insulators on the HV power line pole to the metering device without interruption.

Cases of illegal welding, electric grid equipment theft, facts of connection to wires, violations of the integrity of metering devices, connection to other people’s power facilities must be reported to the power engineers. This will help ensure the appropriate quality of electricity in the homes of consumers and customers in good faith will be able to save much on payment for consumed electric energy.

Specialists of Orelenergo promptly respond to information about illegal connections received from law-abiding customers, and eliminate all violations as soon as possible, thereby providing consumers with high quality electricity supply.

All cases of illegal electricity consumption can be reported by calling the direct power hot line at 8800 50 50 115 (free call) or contact Customer Service Centre of the division.

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