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Yarenergo renews its fleet of vehicles


In the course of the investment program implementation IDGC of Centre -Yarenergo division has purchased 9 pieces of vehicles.

Since the beginning of the year Yarenergo has purchased a mobile high voltage testing laboratory, a truck-tractor KAMAZ-65225 with loader semi-trailer for transportation of oversized and heavy cargo of up to 40 tons, cars GAZ-33081 “Huntsman-2”, a dump-body truck KAMAZ-65115, four multipurpose mobile cranes. The vehicles have been received by Yaroslavlsky site of mechanization and transport Service, Rostovsky and Nekrasovsky sites of Districts of Electrical Networks and Office of malfunction diagnostic.

The purchased vehicles increase the possibilities of Yarenergo for cargo shipping and delivery. The loader semi-trailer of the truck-tractor KamAZ-65225 with increased cargo platform can carry transformers and other bulky equipment of electric grid facilities, where the usual trailer does fit with its height. The lower platform provides a stable position of the cargo movement and it eliminates its rocking and rolling over. The multipurpose mobile crane MKM-200 is designed for drilling, loading and unloading and freight handling. A telehoist is required to lift and move people with tools and materials within the specified working area for maintenance and repair of power lines and as well as buildings. When choosing vehicles for crews’ work the priority was given to off-road equipment.

By the year end it is expected to supply a lift truck BC-28U, a mobile workshop on the chassis URAL-4320 and five cars GAZ — 33081 “Huntsman-2”. Also a purchase of tractors and snowmobiles is planned. Today the fleet of Yarenergo consists of 615 pieces.

“The main objective of the purchase of the vehicles is renewal of vehicles and, consequently, the cost cut for their maintenance and repair. Also the new special equipment will reduce time of repairs and new construction of power facilities, and thus improve the reliability of the electric grid,”- said Head of mechanization and transport Service of the division Alexander Klein.

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