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Yaroslavl power men of IDGC of Centre received awards


In IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division the presentation of departmental and corporate awards to employees of the division took place.

For a great personal contribution to the development of fuel and energy complex, long-term hard work and in connection with the anniversary birth the Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation was awarded to the Head of Analysis and Production Control Department of Production Assets Management Center of the division, Sergey Belikov.

For long work in the electric power industry, distribution grid utilities, in connection with the anniversary dates of employees in accordance with the order of IDGC Holding the honorary title of “Veteran of distribution grid utilities” was awarded to the electrician of Yaroslavl district electrical networks (DEN), Vitaly Onoprienko, the machinist of Yaroslavl service area of ​​mechanization and transport, Vyacheslav Nogin, locksmith of Rybinsk service area of ​​metrology and quality of electricity, Galina Serpukhova, the electrician of Nekrasovsky DEN, Alexander Yakovlev, were awarded with letters of gratitude.

For personal contribution to the safe and uniterrupted operation of the power system, high professionalism and many years of diligent work the Diploma of IDGC of Centre was presented to the manager of Myshkin DEN, Nadezhda Kruglova, Acknowledgement was presented to the chief of operation technology group of Lyubimsky DEN, Alexander Smirnov, the electrician of Yaroslavsky DEN, Sergey Bagrov, the electrician of Tutayev DEN, Tatiana Smirnova.

For the active diligent work and high professionalism, demonstrated in the course of the training of civil defense, prevention and elimination of emergency situations, fire safety and security of people in water bodies the division’s staff was acknowledged by the administration of Leninsky district of the city of Yaroslavl. Letters of gratitude of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division’s director were awarded to the Chief of substations service of high voltage control Office, Roman Titov, Chief of the transmission lines service of high-voltage grid Office, Sergeyi Trifinin, deputy chief engineer for operational and technological management — Head of the Distribution Control Centre, Ruslan Trubin and the specialist of special department, Mikhail Ugryumov.

“I express my sincere appreciation for your professionalism and diligent work. The deserved awards once again confirm the high level of your skills,”- Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre-Yarenergo division director, Igor Solonikov, thanked the power men.

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