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Kurskenergo is realizing the Program of electric energy loss reduction


The results are reached by means of periodic check of commercial metering systems operation at customers’ premises and at facilities of the division, activities for equalization of phases load in distribution circuits 0,4 kV, replacement of overloaded/underloaded transformers, replacement of wire of 0,4 kV feeders and taps into blocks of apartments for self-supporting insulated conductors.  When connecting new customers up-to-date electric energy metering devices are used with their installation of the facades of building for the provision of unhindered access for the personnel and prevention of electric energy theft.  During that period in consideration the upgrade of electric energy metering systems was continued, including the automatic system of commercial electric energy metering (AMI) for residential customers and small businesses.

As parts of the activities to upgrade the electric energy metering system in the first half of the year at Kurskenergo facilities 12 231 metering devices were replaced.  For the past period power engineers performed 12 760 checks of measuring systems at customers — residential and legal persons.  According to the results of instrumentation checks, inspections and monthly readings taking 214 cases of energy theft were filed in regards with legal persons and 374 cases with residential customers: 3,12 million and 488,8 thousand kilowatt-hour respectively.

Also seven cases were filed in regards of non-contract consumption by legal persons and 92 cases for residential customers with private housing:  75 thousand and 306,4 thousand kilowatt-hour respectively.

Until the end of 2011 IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division is planning to deliver over 5200 million kilowatt-hour electric energy to consumers with the losses level not exceeding 8,44 %.

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