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Over a third of apartments building in Belgorod region is serviced by Belgorodenergo


Every year the number of concluded contracts increases.  Management companies transfer consumer networks to service of a specialized organisation, which makes it possible to supply reliable electrical power to dwellers and significantly reduce the total block consumption of electric energy. 

If in 2009 17 contracts for consumer networks service were concluded, and in 2010 this figures amounts to already 80 contracts.  In Veydelevsky and Krasnoyaruzhsky districts the personnel of Belgorodenergoes service all apartment blocks, in Chernyansky - 87%, in Rakityansky - 89, 9%, in Volokonovsky - 68, 8%, in Ivnyansky - 97, 8%, in Yakovlevsky - 90%, in Korochansky - 70% of the total number of apartment blocks.  There is a concluded contract with the Education Administration of Krasnogvardeysky district to service educational institutions of the district. 

Consumer network equipment fault calls are taken around the clock 24 hours a day.  The staff of the division timely responds to a call and eliminates a fault within the shortest possible period. 

Besides relimination of faults power engineers perform routine checks of consumer electric networks1-2 times a year. They inspect electrical networks at the entries, electric panels, grounding contacts and replace burned-out bulbs.  Belgorodenergo proposes to their customers installation of energy-saving fixtures with built-in optical-acoustic motion sensors in public places.  They are switched on and off automatically, when it is required, which makes considerable electric energy saving for public needs.  During 2010-2011 1 750 such fixtures were installed, which allowed to decrease electric energy consumption by 22%. 

Also the power engineers of the division install smart metering devices.  Such meters provide maximal calculation accuracy of electric energy consumption, allow to control its quality, as well as to meter it by parts of the day.  The installation of up-to-date meters gives dwellers of the region the functionality to pay for electricity with differentiated tariffs and decrease their payment for electric energy. 

The chief of marketing and value-added services department of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division, Svetlana Nikonenko, noted that consumer networks, especially in old buildings, because of unsatisfactory condition are subject to increased risk.  For provision of quality power supply to consumers it is necessary to reconstruct such networks and their routine maintenance.  The staff of Belgorodenergo pays adequate attention to this activity, maximum fast and professionally eliminating faults, performing inspections and repair of consumer networks.  It allows decreasing electric energy losses and providing reliable and safe operation of electric appliances.

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