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The number of new connections increase in Bryanskenergo


The greater part of contracts, i.e. 189, was with legal entities.  For the past period of this year specialists of the division performed connection of facilities of agricultural sector, food industry - horned livestock farms of Bryansk Meat Company.  Special reference was given to the work with village authorities of Bryansk region.  Local authorities called to Bryanskenergo with applications for new connections of street lighting, elevated water tanks and boiler houses.

In first half 2011 such big facilities were connected to networks of Bryanskenergo as international vehicle gateway “Pogar” and the 1st stage of construction of international vehicle gateway “Novyie Yurkovichi” with total capacity 956 KW. 

For convenience of clients of IDGC of Centre 24/7 direct line of power men 8-800-50-50-115 operates, and calling it customers can have answers at to all questions concerning new connections to power networks of the division, value-added services of the company and electric power delivery.


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