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In 2011 Yarenergo increased the rate of ROW clearance along power lines


Following the results of seven months of 2011 843.7 ha ROW was cleared, representing 60.6% of the total planned work. ROW expansion along power lines was completed in the amount of 26 ha. Also 3905 freestanding trees and shrubs, threatening to drop onto conductors, were cut down. This represents more than half of the planned scope of work. Until the end of this year, the power men plan to clear other 548.6 hectares.

Staff working with ROW clearing and expansion, is fully provided with personal protective equipment and tools. They use hand-held hedge trimmers, chain saws, tractors, bulldozers. In some districts of electrical networks (DEN) mulching machines are used - a device designed for shredding wood and bush at the root. Through the use of this equipment the rate of ROW clearing greatly increases and the cost of the work decreases by reducing the personnel involved.

For ROW clearing from shrubs special heavy equipment is used – a tractor- bush cutter Valtra. It allows clearing with full utilization of the residues into chips.

The importance of the work of ROW clearing is defined by weather conditions of the winter period. Falling trees and branches onto wires during snow storms and freezing rain is the main reason for power outages. ROW expansion and clearing, as well as cutting freestanding trees and shrubs will allow power men properly to prepare for the winter and to ensure uninterrupted power supply to consumers.

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