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IDGC Holding has selected the best shots


In IDGC Holding, OJSC the results of photo contest “Supports of the World 2011” organized by the Youth Council of the Company were summed up. The pictures of power transmission line supports were shown to the jury, taken by employees of IDGC Holding in different parts of Russia and the world.

Power grids have long become a familiar part of the surrounding landscape. Winners’ snapshots posted on the official site of IDGC Holding, OJSC demonstrate not only the degree of penetration of electricity in modern life, but also the heroic work of people constructing power transmission line supports at ever-frozen ground, on piles in the middle of the river or on the rocks of the North American canyons. Photos taken in exotic Thailand and among the Russian fields of the Volga, in the hot Arab Emirates and in the cold winter Moscow region, on California’s highways and on the banks of Siberian rivers, reflect the peculiarities of power transmission lines designing in different countries and nuances of national color. In this case, all the images in common are a confirmation that power, enveloped the earth, not only can seamlessly fit into any landscape, but also can become its ornamentation.

As a result of voting Aleksey Kamysh, author of photography “In harmony with nature” (stork’s nest, made on power transmission support), took the first place in the contest. The photography was taken in Pushkin Mountains of the Pskov region.

Vladimir Kirichuk took the second place and his work “The electrified sun” (summer sunset in the Kaluga region).

Pavel Romanov took the third place with photo “The energy of fiords”, which captured power transmission supports near the picturesque Naeroyfjord in suburbs near the Norwegian town Sogn og Fjordane.

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