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IDGC of Centre exceeded the key targets of the investment program in 2014

13 March 2015

Возрождение-2.jpgIDGC of Centre summed up the implementation of the 2014 investment program. Despite limited funding sources, in particular - the lack of such an important investment component, as a change in the tariff for electricity transmission, the document was executed with over-fulfillment of the key targets. This was achieved largely due to a system implementation of IDGC of Centre’s measures to optimize production activities, increase operational efficiency by reducing costs and mobilizing the company’s internal resources.

The total volume of developed capital investments in 2014 amounted to 12.177 billion rubles, or 103% of the plan. Including 6.792 billion rubles were developed in the area of modernization and reconstruction of power grid infrastructure, 5.338 billion rubles - for the construction of new and expansion of existing facilities. The sizes of capital investments for new construction and modernization and upgrade surpassed the annual target by 3% and 2%, respectively.

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As part of the investment program IDGC of Centre in 2014 completed a number of major projects. In the Belgorod region two key for the region 110 kV substations - "Kreida" in the regional centre and "Nezhegol" in Shebekinsky district were put into operation. The substation "Kreida" was constructed for the power supply of large industrial enterprises of regional importance and housing projects. The substation "Nezhegol" became a supply centre for a unique, one of the country's largest company for the production of feed additives - Plant of premixes # 1.

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In the Kursk region IDGC of Centre also constructed two modern high-tech substations - the 35/10 kV "Mansurovo" and 110 kV "Revival". Commissioning of the substation "Mansurovo" made it possible to optimize the power supply circuit to consumers of Soviet district of the Kursk region, to solve the problem of grid constraints and create some power reserve for dynamically developing agricultural production in the eastern part of the region, including facilities of JSC "Agricultural Complex Mansurovo". The substation "Revival" the Kursk power engineers constructed under a grid connection contract for the Group of Companies "Miratorg - Belgorod" - the largest association of agricultural enterprises in the Kursk and Belgorod regions.

Power engineers of the Kostroma branch of IDGC of Centre completed in 2014 one of the largest projects in three years - reconstruction and modernization of the 110 kV overhead lines "Motordetal-Kostroma-1" and "Zavolzhskaya-1,2". The two lines are the main "energy artery" of the city of Kostroma and the entire surrounding area and link the regional centre with grids coming from the Kostroma GRES. Within the project the work was carried out to reconstruct these overhead lines with taps at the most important for Kostroma 110 kV substations - "North" and "Central", which will greatly allow to increase the transmission capacity of the overhead lines, as well as to improve the reliability of electricity supply to most of the regional centre and Kostroma district.

In total IDGC of Centre commissioned in 2014 1,107 MVA of transformer capacity, which is 109% of the year plan, including under the new construction - 500 MVA (115% of the planned targets), as well as 5,110 km of power lines, including 2,727 km of newly constructed (more than 100% and 115% of the annual plan, respectively).

In 2015 the company will continue implementing activities of the investment program aimed at improving the efficiency of operations; to ensure reliable operation of the power grid complex in its service area; connection of new large customers, residential complexes, and social facilities.

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