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IDGC of Centre is ready to operate through the flood period

10 March 2015

IDGC of Centre has completed preparations to operate through the flood. According to weather forecasters, in most regions within the service area of the company its maximum intensity is projected for the second half of March - early April. First of all, according to the forecasts, the flood will begin in the Belgorod, Kostroma (in both regions, 15 March) and Lipetsk (17 March) regions. The longest duration of spring floods is expected in the Voronezh, Smolensk and Tver regions. In general, in the regions of IDGC of Centre’s service area the intensity of flooding is predicted within or below historical averages.

To ensure reliable energy supply during this period, the company implemented a set of necessary preparatory measures to ensure trouble-free operation of power equipment, which were supervised by the specially created Central flood commission. Similar commissions for the implementation of the operational control locally were established in all branches of IDGC of Centre.

According to the results of observations of the functioning of the grid infrastructure during the flood period the previous three years, experts of IDGC of Centre made a list of power facilities, which are at increased risk. It includes 1,157 overhead power lines (Conductors) of 0.4-110 kV and 204 transformer substations. The largest number of such facilities is in the service area of such branches as "Smolenskenergo" (320 overhead lines, 59 substations), "Kostromaenergo" (146 overhead lines, 58 substations) and "Tambovenergo" (116 overhead lines, 23 substations). The company’s management made a schedule of inspections of risk areas and assigned responsible persons for their conduct. A list of additional measures to ensure the safe operation during the spring flood of electric grid facilities was defined.

On the eve of the flood, in order to obtain timely information about weather conditions in the field, interaction between the branches of IDGC of Centre and territorial bodies of Hydrometeorology, the Russian Emergencies Ministry divisions, subsidiaries of FGC UES, road maintenance depots, and local authorities was provided.

Operational crews of Distribution Zones carried out inspections of overhead lines transitions through rivers. They checked protection of pole foundations against ice movement. They ensured the availability and proper technical condition of boats, stationary and mobile pumps and machinery. They also checked the availability and storage of emergency reserve. Taking into account possible changes in river channels during the flood, the branches developed measures to ensure delivery to the expected flood areas of overhead lines sections of vehicles, materials and equipment of emergency reserve. Repair crews are provided with schemes to approach overhead lines indicating the characteristics of water and other possible obstacles and ways to overcome them and detours.

Electrical installations are under special control, which provide electricity to socially important facilities. In order to eliminate possible failures, backup sources of electricity supply are prepared, their deployment places are defined. Special trainings were organized and conducted for operation and maintenance personnel of all the company’s branches.

"The experience of previous years shows that the timely implementation of organizational and technical measures ensures reliable operation of the power grid facilities in the flood period. To date, IDGC of Centre has taken all necessary measures to ensure its operation with quality, reliable and uninterrupted power supply to consumers in all regions of the company’s service area. Now experts of IDGC of Centre’s branches continuously monitor the flood situation locally and, if necessary, are ready to promptly take all necessary measures to eliminate consequences of possible emergency situations," underlines First Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre Alexander Pilyugin.

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