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IDGC of Centre was able to significantly reduce the time of grid connection

10 February 2015

IDGC of Centre summed up the implementation of the 2014 events of the approved by the Government of the Russian Federation "road map" to improve the availability of power grid infrastructure. The appropriate action plan, approved in June 2012, by the order of the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, suggests a significant decrease in the number of stages of grid connection, reducing the time of their passage and decreased costs for consumers to have access to the grid.

Last year IDGC of Centre achieved significant results in this area. The company was able to reduce more than double (from 19 to 9 days) as compared to the year of 2013 the average length of applications review and provision of offers for grid connection contracts with maximum power up to 150 kV. Decrease in the average duration of the execution of contracts for grid connection of this category of applicants was 44 days (from 194 to 150 days). The average duration of applications review and provision of offers for grid connection contracts with maximum power from 150 to 670 kV decreased by one and a half times (from 24 to 18 days).

As part of the "road map" IDGC of Centre interacts effectively with the authorities of the regions of its service area (11 subjects of the Central Federal District). In 2014 the company initiated the process of entering amendments into the local laws governing urban planning, including cables and overhead power lines of 0.4 - 10 kV in the list of facilities, construction and reconstruction of which do not require passing the procedures of approval by the relevant authorities.

This process takes up almost all of the time allotted for execution of the grid connection contract (four months), which is fraught with both the company that is forced to bear some additional costs and deadlines for implementation of socio-economic development of regions. The proposed amendments by IDGC of Centre can solve this problem.

The first region to accept the offer of the power engineers on the legislative amendments was the Yaroslavl region - a relevant decree was signed in July 2014 by Head of the region Sergey Yastrebov. Similar work was also done in the past year in the Kostroma region, where they entered into force in January 2015. According to Deputy General Director for Development and Sale of Services of IDGC of Centre Evgenia Kabanova, the company intends to extend this experience to other regions in its service area, so as to contribute to the execution of the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation on the need to improve access to the electric grid infrastructure.

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