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IDGC of Centre increases the sales of value-added services

5 February 2015

IDGC of Centre summed up the sales of value-added services in 2014. During the reporting period the company received 117,557 applications for VAS provided by the power company to customers for a fee - it is 11% more than in 2013 (106,080 applications). 109,521 contracts were concluded with consumers for their implementation, which is almost 11% higher than last year. Number of executed contracts increased in 2014 by 8.5%, to 92,934. The high demand for value-added services allowed the company to get in 2014 929 million rubles of additional non-tariff funds, which exceeded its targets by 10%.

The range of value-added services provided by IDGC of Centre constantly expands. Today, the company offers its customers 9 kinds of value-added services, including the maintenance and development of outdoor lighting networks; operational and technological maintenance and repair of electrical networks and electrical equipment; reconstruction of power grid facilities for the benefit of customers; testing and diagnostics of equipment; installation and replacement of metering devices; energy audits and energy services; design and construction of energy facilities, work within the competence of the customer at grid connection, and others.

IDGC of Centre constantly improves the service quality system. The company uses modern technologies and communication channels to make the process of interaction with customers as comfortable as possible. CRM offices of IDGC of Centre’s branches hold seminars and round tables for residential customers and legal entities, travelling presentations and round tables on grid connection, etc. And special technical measures help increase the quality of VAS. Among the most effective in their series - stocking of the branches with metering devices that allowed to greatly reduce the turnaround time in the direction of value-added services provision, as well as automation of contract work, which resulted in a nearly twofold decrease in processing time of contracts.

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