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The primary trade union organization of IDGC of Centre summed up the work in the past year

5 February 2015

In 2014, during the anniversary year of the Company, the trade union organization of IDGC of Centre, fulfilling its by-laws and functional purpose, focused on ensuring the rights and protection of socio - economic interests of employees. Last year, in the course of the collective agreement of the company an amendment to the collective agreement was signed, to extend it until 31.12.15, with the preservation of owned benefits, guarantees and compensations in full. A program of gradual indexation of monthly base pay for 2015 was adopted. All employees received a bonus for the 10th anniversary of the company.

Being aware of the need for comprehensive assistance to the successful development of the Company, during the past year the trade union committee contributed to the improvement of industrial activity and the growth of labour productivity. The union of the company took part in the corporate review - competition of professional skills of crews for repair and maintenance of 0.4/10 kV distribution grids. To reward the participants union nominations were set, all members of the winning crew were awarded free vouchers for recreation. Also, in the branches of the company, by the trade union activists, a trade union audit was carried out to check the availability for operation through the autumn-winter period, providing employees with personal protective equipment.

The trade union committee of IDGC of Centre in the current year carried out activities aimed at improving the work of the authorized persons of the Trade union on labour protection, focusing their efforts on ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for employees. Currently IDGC of Centre has about 700 authorized persons for the labour protection of the trade union. In 2014 they carried out more than 2,500 inspections, identified and removed more than 3.5 thousand comments and violations. To stimulate and improve the performance of the authorized persons of the Trade Union of IDGC of Centre held a contest "Best commissioner for occupational safety and health", and winners received commemorative diplomas and cash prizes.

In order to improve productivity, increase motivation of union members in the production and social activities union awards were established: the Certificate of Merit and Letter of Gratitude of the Trade Union of IDGC of Centre. They, in 2014, were given to nearly 100 union members, employees of the Company.

The primary trade union organizations of the branches developed and successfully operate the "Program to improve the living conditions of the staff", which uses up to 5% of the gross annual income of the trade union. IDGC of Centre, with the support of the union, creates new recreational facilities, dining rooms are equipped with accessories, sports corners and exercise rooms are provided with simulators and gear, and rooms of psychological relief function.

In 2014 the trade union committee successfully interacted with the company in the development of mass sports work. With joint efforts the Summer Games of IDGC of Centre were organized, which were attended by Chairman of the All-Russian Central Committee of Elektroprofsoyuz V.N. Vahrushkin and who gave memorable cups to winning teams. Last year the first in IDGC of Centre corporate hockey tournament was held.

The trade union organization together with the administration of IDGC of Centre participates in many social projects. With the participation and active support of the trade union many corporate campaigns and charitable activities are implemented aimed at solving social problems and support for individual employees. So in 2014 corporate events of mercy were held, which resulted in collection of about 7 mln rubles on the expensive treatment of children of employees, and more than 600 thousand rubles were transferred to support refugees. The union provides financial support for employees who find themselves in difficult life situations.

In 2014 the trade union activists supported all initiatives of the corporate veterans’ movement. For example, on the site of the branch "Orelenergo" a corporate event "Power of generations" was held, to honour representatives of the youth and veterans’ organizations, dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of IDGC of Centre incorporation. Veterans were involved into a corporate activity for planting trees in honour of the 10th anniversary of the company, to the preparation and conduct of celebrating the anniversary of the branches.

The trade union maintains close ties with youth councils. In the past year the trade union organization assisted in providing the activity of students’ construction crews, supported the labour season of students’ construction crews of the electric grid complex. Young trade unionists took part in the IV All-Russian Youth Gathering of the Public Association - "Russian Electroprofsoyuz", in Yalta, Republic of Crimea.

In 2015 the trade union organization will continue its constructive cooperation with the company’s leadership in the development of social partnership and implementation of key projects.

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