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Heads of the departments of security of IDGC of Centre summarized the work in 2014 and outlined the main tasks for the current year

2 February 2015

IDGC of Centre held a meeting of heads of the security unit of the company and its subsidiaries with the participation of Deputy General Director of JSC "Russian Grids" Alexander Fadeev. The meeting summarized the activities of departments of the security division of IDGC of Centre in 2014 and outlined the main tasks for 2015.

A report on the outcome of the work was made by Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre for Security Victor Startsun. He spoke about the main tasks performed by the security unit last year. Among them was the provision of reliable power supply in the Sochi region before and during the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games; the formation of systems of prevention of economic threats; completion of the categorization of the electric grid facilities and the creation of e-certificates of security; making information security into a separate activity; implementation of measures in the field of protection of state secrets.

Detailed analysis of the results of the work in 2014 in the key areas were given in reports of heads of departments and deputy directors of branches for security.

In order to ensure the economic security of the company in the past year more than 1,000 audits of financial and economic activity were conducted, during which 189 facts of misconduct revealed, 172 persons were found guilty, 105 employees of the Company were brought to disciplinary responsibility, of which 19 were dismissed for violations. Damage to the company in excess of 36 million rubles was prevented. With the direct involvement of security units receivables amounting to more than 293 million rubles were recovered. In 2014 more than 500 materials were forwarded to the law enforcement agencies on the consideration of which 60 criminal cases opened.

As part of the investment program of IDGC of Centre 67.3 million rubles were allocated to provide counter-terrorism security of facilities. Measures were taken to strengthen the engineering and technical protection of facilities. During the year in the regions, where the company operates, specialists of IDGC of Centre took part in 12 command post exercises and 297 trainings involving units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, EMERCOM of Russia, city and municipal formations. 1,898 checks on duty security guards and inspection of compliance of permit and internal modes were organized.

In the reporting period the Information Security and Special Projects Office focused on solving problems for the protection of information resources of IDGC of Centre from data leakage, prevention or minimization of potential threats to them, protection of confidential information of the company. Given the urgency of the matter, experts of the Office in a short time did much to establish the actual legal framework, which defines the mechanisms for implementation of the main priorities and activities in this direction. Constant monitoring of information security incidents is set. This made it possible to identify and remove spyware, viruses, installed unlicensed (non-productive) software and other violations of the requirements of information security. During the monitoring period 13,918 information security incidents revealed, including 65 pieces of spyware, which could lead to information leakage; 471 viruses; 3,985 programs for remote administration of resources; 3,716 publicly available local resources.

Deputy General Director of JSC "Russian Grids" Alexander Fadeev gave a positive assessment of the security unit of the Company, and emphasized the need to operate with extreme mobilization in the unfavourable macroeconomic environment.

At the end of the meeting Deputy General Director for Security Victor Startsun indicated the security unit objectives for 2015. Among the key ones are ensuring the financial stability of the company in the unfavourable macroeconomic environment and further strengthening of counter-terrorism security of facilities, especially in border areas.

Systematic work will also continue to further strengthen the company's information security. As noted by Viktor Startsun, in 2015 it is necessary to exclude unauthorized access to information resources and loss of confidential information; to organize complex information security; as well as to continue to improving information exchange among departments at all levels on the basis of continuous monitoring of the information space.

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