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Yaroslavl Gorelektroset finally became part of IDGC of Centre

30 January 2015

The process of integration of the property complex of Yargorelektroset completed. From 1 January 2015 the former OJSC "Yargorelectroset" entered into the structure of IDGC of Centre and became one of Distribution Zones the Yaroslavl branch of the company.

All the details of the event were announced at a press conference, which was attended by Deputy Governor of the Yaroslavl Region Natalia Shaposhnikova, Deputy Mayor of the City of Yaroslavl - Director of the Department of Municipal Economy Nikolay Stepanov, Director of the branch "Yarenergo" Konstantin Kotikov, Deputy Director of Yarenergo for Development and Sale of Services Vladimir Bystrytsky, as well as Chairman of the Public Chamber Anatoly Upadyshev and Head of Electric Power Industry Regulation of the Department of Energy of the region Ulyana Zhukova.

Previously, 100% of shares of Yaroslavl Gorelektroset were owned by IDGC of Centre. They were acquired in 2010 as part of the consolidation of power grid facilities of the Yaroslavl region. Bringing together all the regional assets in the hands of a large company is defined by the electric grid development strategy, which was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. The final entry of Gorelektroset into IDGC of Centre was a logical continuation of this process.

With the completion of legal procedures all functions of Gorelektroset for electricity transmission, maintenance of electrical networks, connection of new customers and maintaining public lighting systems were assigned to IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division. All contractual, credit and other liabilities were also transferred to the parent company. The integration procedure had no effect on consumers.

"We, as a state-owned company, understand the responsibility associated with energy supply in the region, and strive to relieve the load on the tariff from ordinary consumers. A prerequisite for this is the synchronization of plans for development of the areas with grids development plans. The electric grid system of the region is indivisible. The fewer companies manage the system, the more effective it will work," says Konstantin Kotikov.

Both power engineers, and authorities believe that in the short term the maintenance of electric networks of the regional centre will change for the better. In the service area of the city power engineers standards of the technical policy are gradually being implemented, which operate throughout the presence of Group of Companies "Russian Grids". A uniform paperwork procedure was adopted. Efficiency of grid assets management is improved, and the level of customer service increases.

"Fortunately, the buyer of shares of Gorelektroset was the very IDGC of Centre - a company that has a good reputation, provided with technical and financial facilities, which has no claims on the quality and terms of elimination of technological disturbances. Today, when Gorelektroset finally became part of Yarenergo, it's safe to say that all the advantages of the largest grid company will act on the territory of the regional centre. The integration of the electric grid complex will continue. This means reducing costs, improving service, introduction of a unified technical and tariff policy. Ideally, we would like to see in the region only one electricity grid company," stressed Natalia Shaposhnikova.

One of the main results of the integration of Gorelektroset will be increasing production capacity because of scale. As the largest company in the market, IDGC of Centre has great technical and financial resources, and can distribute them according to its priorities. The same goes for the staff: in difficult situations employees of adjacent units and colleagues from neighbouring regions can always come help. Thus, the merger of Yargorelektroset into IDGC of Centre will increase the reliability of equipment and reduce failures at electric grid facilities of the city of Yaroslavl.

"Consolidation of Yargorelektroset gives the city an opportunity. This also applies to force majeure, the elimination of which will become more efficient, and the ongoing work, in particular, reducing the time of grid connection. We hope that this reorganization will successfully address many infrastructure issues and will contribute to the further development of the city power grids," stressed Nikolay Stepanov.

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