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IDGC of Centre commissioned the 110 kV substation "Kreida"

26 December 2014

IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division commissioned a new 110/35/6 kV substation "Kreida". The facility, designed for power supply of industrial and residential customers of the eastern part of Belgorod, became the 180th in the region. 290 million rubles were spent on the construction of "Kreida".

The 50 MVA substation was designed to make use of automated communication systems, supervisory control, monitoring and power metering. In terms of its construction and equipment it is one of the most modern in the Belgorod region. Here, along with the already used in the power system molded 6 kV conductors modern 35 kV conductors with molded insulation were used for the first time, which are resistant to overload, protected from external influences, and therefore much more reliable in operation.

At the feeding centre two power transformers of 25 MVA were mounted, each of them is equipped with automatic on-load tap changing. The building of the substation control room and indoor 6-35 kV switchgear is of modular design with the possibility of further expansion and inclusion of additional capacity. At outdoor 110 kV switchgear disconnectors were used with electric drives with support and rod polymeric insulation and SF6 110 kV circuit breakers.

All equipment is protected against overvoltage and provided with a set of microprocessor-based relay protection and emergency control that in real-time monitor the performance of the feeding centre and will immediately respond to occurrence of any contingencies. Telemetry information online is transferred with two independent channels of communication. Operational management of the substation is carried out from the Grid Control Center of Belgorodenergo without additional staff. This will significantly reduce the time of switching, disconnecting equipment for repair and elimination of emergency operation.

The substation is equipped with energy-efficient infrared heaters and LED lights. According to specialists, it will allow for more than one-third energy saving for its utility needs.

The new feeding centre will supply power to industrial and residential customers of the regional centre and create the necessary reserve capacity for grid connection of new facilities.

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