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IDGC of Centre is in the group of leaders in terms of quality of corporate transparency

22 December 2014

Russian Regional Network for Integrated Reporting (RRN) summed up the annual survey of corporate transparency of the largest Russian companies.

IDGC of Centre joined the group of leaders (totally 68 companies), taking the 39th place in the final ranking. Total in 2014 the study analyzed reporting of 721 companies.

Participants were assessed on the basis of how they openly and truthfully disclose information about their achievements and challenges, the strategy and its implementation, resource usage and contribution to the development of personnel, technologies, regions, etc. The study examined public company reports for 2013, as well as other materials on statements posted on the official corporate website.

Acting Deputy General Director for Corporate Governance Olga Kharchenko stressed: "The results of the ranking once again underlines the high quality of IDGC of Centre’s work in the area of disclosure and transparency of the Company. In our work we aim to adhere to a system approach to public reporting and rely on the most advanced domestic and international experience."

Detailed results of the study can be found in the analytical report prepared by RRN:

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