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IDGC of Centre continues to improve the efficiency of diagnostics of power lines using modern methods

19 December 2014

Test run on the site of Mtsensk Distribution Zone was part of a project implementation for complex diagnostics of overhead power lines with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This project aims to develop a system of diagnostics, prevention and emergency response in the company’s electric grid.

The launch of the vehicle was attended by Acting Chief of Mtsensk Distribution Zone of IDGC of Centre - Orelenergo division Pyotr Abramov, Deputy Chair of the department "Power Supply", a member of the research work on the use of UAVs in electric grid companies Alexander Semenov and an electrician of Orelenergo Artem Moroz, who defended his thesis project on the use of UAVs and personally made the test aircraft. Head of research on the use of UAVs is Chair of the department "Power Supply" of Orel State Agrarian University Alexander Vinogradov.

Unmanned aerial filming of power lines during a flight survey along lines can significantly reduce the time to search for damage power lines when they are switched off. The inspection of power lines using UAV was no more than 20 minutes with the preparation of the UAV to fly. Following the results of the tests it was indicated that the use of UAVs can determine the technical condition of overhead lines, accurately plan for clearing and extension of ROWs, and perform the control of work performed.

"The main result is a real opportunity to reduce the time of inspection of power lines, failure prevention, reduction of the number and time of outages and increased labour productivity," stressed First Deputy Director - Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre - Orelenergo division Igor Kolubanov.

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